Refund Policy - Brother-Printer

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You may return any product purchased from that is “dead on arrival”,”arrives in damaged condition, what you have is not the same as what you have requested for, or still in packed boxes, for full refund within 30 days of purchase. reserves the right to test “dead on arrival” any product purchased from can be returned to the company inside within 30 days of purchase of the same to user by submitting a “cross out request” ask for logging a call with customer care representive by Email Us  on [email protected].


Any product obtained from can be returned to company just if the product received by the user is harmed, damaged or is not the same as the item was requested.


The buyer should guarantee that he/she does not acknowledge the conveyance of any product whose unique bundling is harmed or altered in any way.In the occasion if user, on expelling the bundling of the item, finds the product is harmed as well as blemished as well as is not the same as the product that was ordered , buyer might instantly contact the customer support team about such defect, harm or fault as well as contrast and the company might arrange the alternativeof the product or discount of the product along side shipping fee, assuming any, gathered by the company in the impossible instance of the company being not able supersede the harmed or potentially fallacious product. For any repay or interchange/designated hitter of product the relevant groundwork of repay and exchange might apply on this. if there should arise an occrrence of cancellation (Return/Replacement) of appeal after transportation of product to buyer, the company will administer get of the product to be returned. Buyer will help and engage thoroughly to reinstate the product with its manuals, booklets, warranty card,embellisment, complimentry gifts and pressing materials or whatever other items which were delivered to buyer along with the product being returned. At the season of pickup the user will be given declaration of get by the firm logistical companion. User ought to hold and the said declaration and statement or item the same in all his/her future written communication with the company in such manner.


We as Winkel service follow the MAIL ORDER RULE for the retuen of merchandise sold on as per UNITED STATES FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. For return you contact winkel service at our Email  at [email protected] and for any compaints/suggestions you can also write us to Email.